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Act CRM is a great tool that can help you drive sales and profits to your business.  Doesn’t it make sense to learn how to utilize Act software to the fullest?  My name is Tony Holowitz and my Act tutorials are based on 20+ years of teaching Act CRM users.  I want you to have a great Act experience, so Learn How to Act Clever!  Questions: 888-734-2511


  • More than 15 Hours of Act Training Video Tutorials
  • Short Self-Paced 2 to 5-Minute Videos
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Act 01: Getting Started

Everyone should start here. Beginners and experienced Acters will benefit from the tutorials and resources provided to you in this getting started Act section.

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Act 02: Customizing Act

One of the best features of Act is the fact that you can customize it to fit your exact needs for you and your business. This section of my training will teach you how to complete that task in Act.

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Act 03: Selling with Act

Prospects and clients are what it is all about in business. I will teach you how to make sure no contact in Act ever slips through the cracks because you never know where your next order is coming from.

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Act 04: Act Add-Ons

I explore and teach you how to use add-on products that enhance and complement the way you use Act and Microsoft Outlook. They make difficult tasks simple and more productive each day.

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Act 05: Act Premium Cloud

Whether you are new to Act or a long time Act user, using your Act database in the cloud is a new and different experience. I will teach you how to use it easily and productively, showing you all your options with this tool in Act.

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Act 06: Email Marketing

Act Marketing Automation is a game changer for Act users. On par with hiring a salesperson, I believe this is a great tool for you and your business, and will show you how to make the most of it easily.

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Act 07: Act CRM Tips and Tricks

More than 50 Act CRM tips and tricks. Be a better Acter. Learn Act. Use Act to make more money for you and your business. Have an idea? Suggest a tip. Enjoy.

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Act 08: Handheld Contact Classic (Orange)

Handheld Contact Classic (HHC) has been around for more than 18 years and solved the problem of having to get your Act software and all your data onto your mobile device.

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Act 09: Handheld Contact API (Green)

What is Handheld Contact API by Keystroke? Handheld Contact API (HHC) is the newest mobile app that can sync directly to the master Act! database for faster updates of more data, across more devices, and at no extra cost.

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Act 10: Act Clever Podcasts

Welcome to my Act CRM podcast, where we explore the latest tips and tricks to supercharge your customer relationship management! Sometimes, I have a lot to say about Act.

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Act 11: Microsoft Outlook Training

Act CRM users should use Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails. Why? Because Act and Outlook form a strong partnership that will enhance the way you use Act.

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Act 12: Act4Outlook

At its most basic level, Act-4-Outlook is a tool that helps Act users effectively attach incoming & outgoing emails to an Act contact. I explore how to use Act-4-Outlook and all the additional features that make it great value for Act CRM customers.

The Best Way to Learn Act CRM: Short Video Tutorials

I have been teaching people how to use Act software for more than 20 years working with groups and individuals one-on-one.  Act Clever was developed so you could take advantage of all of my experiences working with thousands of Act CRM users and companies in a cost effective and comfortable setting.  Give us a try!

Helping & Training Act CRM Software Users for More Than 22 Years

My goal is to give you a different way of looking at Act. I will challenge you.  Act is just a tool that can be modified and customized to suit the way you work, for where you work, so you can reach your goals for your business. I will teach you how to use Act to leverage its capabilities so it exceeds your expectations. Lets make Act a powerful tool.

Self-Paced Act CRM Training Courses